jpa4azure highlights

jp4azure implements a subset of the JPA 2.0 specification for Java. It's intended to simplify Azure Table persistence by allowing developers to use simple Java objects as an interface to their Azure Table data. It also wraps Azure Table interaction in an api familiar to most Java developers. JPA is a large specification meant to handle the intricacies of RDBMS storage and therefore much of is out of scope for Azure Tables. jpa4azure makes working with Azure Table's easy and productive. Here are some key features:
  • Automatic table creation from entity model.
  • Automated key generation strategy for UUID's.
  • Support for parent child relationships (absent from the raw Azure Table api).
  • Support for storing enum fields (absent from raw Azure Table api).
  • Support for storing embedded objects (absent from raw Azure Table api).
  • Support for time based keys and before/after/within temporal queries (absent from raw Azure Table api).
quick start

jpa4azure is hosted on the main maven repo, and can be included in your project with the following dependency declaration:

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